• How Your Regular Customers Disappeared?
  • Do You Sell and Don’t See The Money?
  • If The Money in Your Hand Does not Finish Another Does Not Enter?
  • Are Companies Owing You, For Supplies You Made?
  • Do You Have 5 Shops Before But Now Currently Managing 1?

Today Dr Jesus has remembered you in a 1 day deliverance program for all Traders & Business Men/Women
Titled: Raw Power Of God Enter Into My Shop
Date: Friday 17 November 2017
Time: 8pm till dawn it’s a Vigil.
Venue: Dr Jesus City. Direction: As soon as you get to Rumuokoro junction ask any taxi you are going to OPM new site at Aluu, called DOCTOR JESUS CITY. Port Harcourt. Coconut Night with DR JESUS