What is a Group?

The need for relationship is part of our genetic makeup. We need to belong, desire to make a difference, to be productive for the Lord, and be fruitful.Whether you are looking for a place to meet new friends, connect to a mentor, grow spiritually or serve, there’s a group for you!
Each Group meets to worship, study together, encourage each other and live together as Christ would live with us.  The primary purpose of our these Groups is to assist individuals in connecting to God and to each other.

Why join a Group?

Groups meetings are a place to build Godly relationships, deepen your faith, and apply the scriptures.  You will begin to understand the Bible better in a small group; there’s nothing like discovering God’s Word together.  You will begin to feel like you’re a part of God’s family, not just a face in the crowd.  It is a setting for sharing of prayer requests and celebration of answered prayers.  Prayer will become more meaningful for you; your friends will be praying for you and with you.  It can present opportunities to use your God-given gifts in ministry.

Are all Groups the same?

The short answer is “No.”  There are different groups because we have all kinds of people.  We have groups with married couples, single adults, teen groups, men’s groups, and women’s groups, just to name a few.  Basically, we have a group for just about everyone.  Our groups are focused on “connecting people to God and to each other.”

Men’s Groups

Kings' Group


James Group


David Group


Joseph Group


Nehemiah Group


Elijah Group
Samuel Group


Daniel Group


Women’s Groups

Sarah Group


Esther Group


Anna Group


Blossom Group


Blessed Group


Singles’ Groups

Live Group


Singles on Fire Group


Success Group