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His name is wisdom.

After both parents died, a neighbor decided to take care of him.

One day the woman accused him of stealing her money.

Locked him up in a room and set him on fire.

After setting him on fire, locked him inside the room and left.

Few days later another neighbor noticed the boy crying.

So she informed OPM Pastor in charge of Victoria branch.

And the pastor now got in touch with the general overseer of OPM Apostle Chibuzor who now sent him and other people to go and rescue the boy and bring him to his house.

When the boy was rescued, his hands has folded.

So he has to be rushed to UPTH for emergency operation.

Today see the hands of the boy, it’s completely healed.

And he has started school and just wrote weac.

And will be entering university by September.

No matter what you are going through, God shall remember you.


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