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From here to there……..

From here to there……..

Luke 23:34. Jesus said, Father, forgive them,

they do not know what they are doing.

If you truly have Christ in you, you must forgive those that speak against you.

That is why GOD asked to forgive all those that spoke against me including the Deborah Samuel family. And bought this gift for them and will still do more. GOD IS LOVE.

Luke 6:28. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you.

When Deborah family said those things against, I became very bitter.

And the bitterness was seriously eating me up.

But after this morning prayers, the lord said the only way I can receive perfect healing is to offload every bitterness in my heart. I told him but Moses was also bitter.

So I started praying to GOD bless all those that spoke evil against me.

Then canceled the curse I placed in Anger against the happy boyz.

I have started praying for those that hurt me and I will still help them like our lord Jesus Christ did.

I asked GOD to bless them.

Then suddenly is like a very big load was removed from my head and felt very light.

BITTERNESS IS A SILENT KILLER. Please never you allow it in your life.

I just leant another big lesson.

Thank you Dr Jesus


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