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My name is Steven Ojioka from Rumuokani, Ogbakiri.

Before now, I was doing well. I had a boutique and a car, I was also into politics. I contested and spent a lot of money supporting my party and for my campaign but I was denied the position. I lost my business, my car knocked engine which I later sold because there wasn’t enough money again to maintain it.

We had to stay in a two rooms structure my Elder sister who is a pastor in RCCG and also a Principal asked me to build on her land when the land was having dispute with my money, which she promised to refund me. Surprisingly, she came up one day and asked us to vacate the place and I told her to leave us for some time or to refund us some money of the money used to build the structure because I lost my business, and with eight children I don’t know where to pack to but she refused and took us to Court. Things were really tough for me and I was planning to pack to the village because the pressure was too much, not until my 6 years old daughter said to me “Daddy let us go to OPM if they can help us that they have been helping people” and we went to the church welfare and God used the Apostle Chibuzor to give us accomodation in OPM FREE ESTATE 6. As if that was not enough, the church enrolled three of my children in Chivans school at Aluu ( One of the OPM free school affiliate) and also gave my first son DARIUS PRAISE an Overseas University Scholarship.

In conclusion, I hereby say that God is really using OPM to save lives.

Before now, I’ve been having suicidal thoughts, watching my children not going to school, and watching my family going back to the village we left almost 25 years ago, it was a huge pressure, but God used OPM to save my life, I am really happy, infact very happy. God bless Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere.

Many people from Obakiri has been doubting the good works in OPM, that they haven’t seen anybody that OPM had helped from Ogbakiri, I’m here to tell them that I’m from Ojioka’s Family in Koche’s Compound, Rumuokani Ogbakiri.

I’m a witness of what God is using OPM to do.

God bless OPM.

God bless Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere


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