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Because of the high rate of dollars, we shall be making major changes on our OPM overseas university scholarship.

Yesterday 4 May 2023, I visited OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA and we reached an agreement.

Our agreements is

1. OPM will be sending lots of our scholarship students to OPEN UNIVERSITY

2. Because of the high rate of dollars, most of our children studying overseas and wish to continue there education in thesame class they are overseas now have opportunity to that which to OPEN UNIVERSITY still under OPM overseas university scholarship.

Example, If you are in year 2 overseas, you can come to OPEN UNIVERSITY Nigeria and continue in

Year 2, but you must provide your transcript from the overseas university.

3. With OPEN UNIVERSITY, more less privileged children will have opportunities.

Example. In one of our university in USA, we pay 45,000 Dollars which is almost 20 million in Naira for one student alone in a year.

While OPEN UNIVERSITY is 130k Naira for one year.

So school fees of one person in USA can train 1000 students in OPEN UNIVERSITY in Nigeria.

But if the student does not wish to come to Nigeria to continue same class he or she is doing overseas. Maybe you want to stay back overseas and work. You are free. But you are on your own.

This new rules only effects only students outside Africa.

Benin republic, Ghana , Mauritius and Nigeria scholarship students are not effected.

But USA, CANADA, UK, POLAND, TURKEY, DUBAI, GERMANY, CYPRUS etc are all effected by this new policy.

After my meeting with OPEN UNIVERSITY NIGERIA, they have agreed the student will not loss any class. They can continue the same class they were overseas if they can provide transcripts.

4. The OPM free university project is still on. You can also join. We are doing it in collaboration with ORTIS UK and Mauritius. And its 100 percent free university.


6. ESM university in Benin republic is the only university that OPM opened a free restaurant to feed more than 600 OPM scholarship students dairy. YES DAILY, minus Wednesday when the workers in the free restaurant has their work free day. But free feeding is everyday. So in ESM , OPM scholarship covers school fees, accommodation and feeding. ESM university has also agreed to accept OPM scholarship student to continue same class class from overseas as long as they can provide there transcript from overseas university. And they can also benefit from the free feeding.

6. So OPM scholarship students in USA, CANADA, UK, POLAND, TURKEY, GERMANY, CYPRUS etc you are advised to contact your metron for arrangements to move to OPEN UNIVERSITY NIGERIA or Benin republic. But if you don’t wish to come back,then you can pause academics and work. Later this year once things improve, OPM shall continue your fees, but for now not possible. And not 100 percent guarantee. And if you know you can work and pay your fees, you can also stay back. YOUR CHOICE.

7. One of my biggest dream is to provide education for the less privileged in society, but what can I do when my hands are tied. It’s a very painful decision. But it’s time to tell myself the truth.

8. 23 OPM free schools are running nonstop , 2 OPM specialist hospitals are running 24 hours, African university scholarship are running, but only the overseas is stopping for now till later this year when the economy of the country improves.

9. Remember No government or NGO has contributed shishi to the OPM overseas university scholarship. Everything is through tithes and offerings from OPM church.


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