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Nigerian Police visited the OPM rehabilitation center

Nigerian Police visited the OPM rehabilitation center to advise the repented armed robbers, repented kidnappers, repented killers and repented cultist not to go back to their old ways after being rehabilitated by Omega Power Ministry (OPM)

Part of OPM programmes is to reach out to these boys, retrieve their guns and hand it over to the Nigerian police.

OPM now provides free accommodations for them and their children because some went into hiding and were residing inside bushes due to the rate of their crimes.

In a bid to give their life a true meaning, their children were enrolled into OPM free schools and business was opened for their wives. As part of the our mandate to bring them back to God, these boys undergo through water baptism after their spiritual rehabilitation.

We also engaged them by enrolling them into the OPM multi skills acquisition programmes where they are trained in different vocational skills like welding, scar folding etc.

These programs have been on for more than 10 years and more than 18,000 youths of their kind have passed through it.

All these are fully funded through tithes and offerings in OPM church.


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