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Touching Story: From Grass to Grace

Grace just found her.

Just listened to her painful story.

She comes from a very very poor family.

A young kept her in his house for years.

And she gave birth to twins for him which she Carries to sell pure water.

She is only 18 years old and she feeds the jobless man and twins with the pure water she sells.

Even when a blogger that recorded her story, lots of good Nigerians contributed money for her.

The man collected all the money from her, upon he has never paid her bride prize or married her.

To make matters worst, he bites her up everyday especially when she refuses to give him money.

So entry has been made in there police station before I relocated her to port harcourt.

She will be staying at one of the OPM free estate. The twins are sick and will be taken to OPM free specialist hospital tomorrow morning.

Before he can come to collect her,

Number one, He must write undertaking in the police station never to bite her up again.

Number 2, He will pay her bride prize so that he can value her. At lest recognize her family.

Number 3, He can no longer force her to collect money from her. If she desires to give him ok. But not by force. Husbands are to work, while wife eat. Not the reverse.

Without all this conditions, he can not carry her.

All this years he has been doing all these nonsense because he has seen the little girl family that no one can challenge him.

But glory be to GOD she now has a big family member and he must respect her if he wants to marry her.


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