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Happening live now at Everyday supermarket…..

Today 12 August 2023, more than 500 children under the care of Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere OPM went for their regular shopping where they pick whatever they want from the supermarket.

Even if when the man of God is not around, he made sure all their needs are met.

Even times when they go to Genesis Cinema, Apostle Chibuzor hires the whole hall so no other person comes in. Same thing when they go to the Garden City Amusement Park, Apostle Chibuzor pays for the whole park.

Remember, most of this children were picked up from the streets, some from children prison, some from under the bridge, etc.

Apostle chibuzor picks them up, put them in OPM free schools and currently, many of them are schooling in university overseas and are now answering Chibuzor as their surname because they don’t have any parent.

Apostle chibuzor who has adopted them personally signed their international passport answering Chibuzor which they use in traveling overseas.

“The street child you see today, may become President of Nigeria or CEO of a multinational company tomorrow and my job is to give them all the push under my capacity to become what they are supposed to become.

It will shock you to know how many children from the streets are answering my name which makes me to automatically put their names in my WILL.

To me they are destiny children. And there STARS must shine.

Please let us help those helpless children because tomorrow is pregnant.” – Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere OPM


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